This project documents the personality disorders listed in all versions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, from the DSM-I (1952) to the DSM-V (2013).

Each section of this site describes the personality disorders of each edition of the DSM purely through responsive visual styles (CSS). Throughout the years, many personality disorders have evolved into more complex diagnoses, and many have been renamed. The visual styles of this project illustrate as such.

The challenge for the user is to try to discern and define the symptoms of each disorder through the provided visual cues.

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Passive-Aggressive Personality, DSM-I (1952)

Antisocial Personality, DSM-II (1968)

Paranoid Personality, DSM-III (1980)

Schizoid Personality, DSM-IV (1994)

Borderline Personality, DSM-V (2013)